Determine a Data Management Strategy

Without quality data, new ERP software cannot provide value to your organization. While you won’t be migrating data until implementation, now is the time to start planning.

Your data likely isn’t ready for migration.

Your data may be spread across multiple systems that each use different structures and formats. To account for this complexity, you should document and establish a data management strategy as early as possible. This strategy defines how you will migrate your data and cleanse it to resolve duplicate data and other data quality issues.

Data accuracy

Inaccurate master data is one of the leading causes of ERP implementation delays. Developing a data management strategy ensures you’re ready to perform ERP data migration at the earliest stage of implementation. Keep in mind that software vendors almost never clean and organize your data, even though it should be ready before implementation. Panorama’s experience has shown that postponing this activity can result in budget overruns of at least 30%.