Big and Small

Historically, only large organizations were ERP customers. Today, organizations of all sizes, across all industries use ERP software. For example, many public sector organizations are pursuing digital government initiatives to modernize their operations with ERP software. In addition, the mortgage banking industry is using ERP software to improve their loan process management.

With the huge leaps in technological advancement and lowered costs to entry, software development for ERP has opened up a plethora of new and specialized ERP options. A new generation is taking hold, enabling re-thinking of standard processes and user interfaces. ERP software is becoming more affordable, flexible and industry-specific, allowing small and mid-sized organizations to take the plunge and compete against what used to be untouchable industries. In fact, they are fueling the growth of many big ERP vendors. SAP and Oracle are not just for large enterprises anymore. These vendors are developing or acquiring niche solutions that are affordable for smaller organizations.